How to identify and diagnose Face ID failures?

One of the most common iPhone failures is a Face ID that does not work. This fault can be divided into two more common ones: in the camera module, the Dot Projector is damaged, and on the other hand, in the headset flex, there is a malfunction due to a failure of the infrared illuminator in the proximity sensor or Yogi.


The first fault corresponds to a failure in the Dot Projector and indicates the following messages on the mobile phone interface:


  1. The device will indicate that Face ID is not active: "Face ID has been disabled. A problem has been detected with Face ID. For more information, go to settings".
  2. "Face ID is not available, try setting up Face ID later"; it also states: "A problem has been detected with the TrueDepth camera. Face ID has been disabled”.
  3. Another related failure is indicated in the interface as: "Move iPhone up and down a little" and never locates it. This could be because you have moved the front camera module out of its exact place, meaning that the thermal camera was also moved. It could also be due to quality issues from changing the screen, so be sure of this before you do this procedure.


The second fault is a bit different and corresponds to the flexor that contains the Yogi:


  1. The iPhone tells you that Face ID cannot be recognised, in this case the device may display the message: "Face ID could not be activated on this iPhone".
  2. It may also display the same message as in the case of the first failure: "Face ID is not available. Please try to set up Face ID later".
  3. Does not recognise the whole face. After identifying from the message which error the face ID failure belongs to, you can repair it, or the dot projector contained in the front camera module or the yogi contained in the proximity sensor.

Want to know how to repair iPhone Face ID? Watch the video on our YouTube channel, which explains in detail the process of repairing this failure.

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