How to calibrate your Forward Laser Machine

Whether you're just starting out or it's been a while since you first used it, calibrating your Forward laser machine is critical in order to function properly.

Why? Because if you don't, the laser can move millimeters off the glass and burn the chassis.

How to calibrate the machine? Key to the right calibration are the crystals that come with the machine when you buy it. The first thing you have to do is to put one of these calibration crystals on top of a metal piece that also comes with the purchase, inside the machine, as if it were a cell phone; then go to "Unlock", "Carving", go to "Forward" and touch "Figures".

It will start burning the crystal. When it finishes it will give you a drawing of how your machine is located in the X and Y spaces. Look at the drawing it makes on the crystal. A perfectly calibrated drawing should line up the outer frame and the inner frame.

If it is not calibrated you must do it. You have to see which parameters of the machine in the X and Y spaces correspond to the drawing that the machine has made. We look for them in the following way: Settings, Center, type code 101515 and we see that it corresponds to Y: 49.450mm and X: 106.700mm.

Surely your machine will give you different parameters and you will have to calibrate it following these principles we explained but using different numbers; using the result you get yourself. The next thing to do is to interpret what adjustment each axis, X and Y, needs on your own machine. This means that you need to know exactly if you should add or subtract numbers from each one of the axis.

If you notice that the X-axis needs a little to the right you should add numbers and if you notice that it needs a little to the left you should subtract numbers.

You should add or subtract tenths; try 0.100mm on each side.

For example Y: 49.450mm - 0.100mm = 49.350mm.

For example X: 106.700mm + 0.100mm = 106.800mm.

We copy the result for each axis in the machine and click on “save”.

Now see what it looks like and add or subtract little by little until you find the best calibration.

If you want to see how to calibrate the Forward laser machine, watch our newest video in which we explain and show everything:



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